Thursday, May 10, 2012

Episode 11: Short But Sweet

Introduce Yourself!

On The Needles

Sleeping Baby's Castle Blanket by Sally Rainey

Off The Needles

Ragdoll By Debbie Bliss

The Little Princess with Little Red Riding Hood

A Memory Bag by Brenda Dayne

Yup, That's me, Brenda, and my memory bag


Finished spinning some Targhee from Solitude Wool - I heart targhee!!!

Next up: 4 oz. of superwash BFL from Gnome Acres for the Knitabulls Spin Along

Fiber split for fractal spinning

Tour de Fleece

Find the ravelry group here.

Join us over on Team Sasquatch

My personal challenge- spinning 2 oz. of silk on a supported spindle.

Knitting For Good

Congrats to our Remembering Remy April incentive winners: jamlknitter and mippyfoofalina :0)

The Remembering Remy KAL will continue through June 3, 2012


Mets Stitch n Pitch June 3, 2012- tickets still available until May 22 through Lion Brand Yarn Studio

Jibber Jabber

Sew Along thread here.

There is a promise of a small something from me if you post a FO for our SAL which will continue until the end of June.

My first sewing project!

I learned from this project that I need better tools!! I also have to learn how to deal with directional fabric.....oh yeah- and that pesky thread barf!

Thread barf!!


Andy Mullen for "Brooklyn Rain"
Adrina Thorpe for "Fly Fly Fly"


  1. Hi Jessica! The stuff you shared about little princess made me smile or LOL. She sounds like quite the cutie. I'm with you in getting the right tools to work on a project. That's what I'd like to do as Sorry you got hate mail. Though it's true that everyone isn't going to like you I think hate is quite strong and it makes me sad. I think you are lovely to listen to and have a fun and engaging personality. :)
    What is thread barf? Thank you for a wonderful podcast :)

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    2. Hi Mippy! Thanks for listening and offering encouragement :0) I will post a picture on the blog a little later today to show you what I call "thread barf" :0)

  2. Hi Jessica, Just listened to your show and love it. There are so many comments I want to make:

    A sewing machine can be wonderful or awful. I am finding that an old antique singer is your best bet. They are simply made and can fix thread jams easily. A machine bought at a department store are awful and cheap. If you get into sewing, go to a Sewing Store and deal with a knowledgeable person on the machine that meets your needs. Yes, they are expensive but you will get classes as part of your purchase to use your machine and a year or two warranty for service for free. You also do not need all those fancy stitches the more simpler the better and cheaper to repair. Sewing stores also offer classes and are friendly like Knitting Stores because they are meeting a specific need.

    I love the story with the Princess. You are VERY balanced telling about you family.

    As for the hate message, you just can not please anyone. I absolutely love your show. Every topic your bring up I love and relates totally to fiber. There are different podcasters and that person can find the person one that meets their needs. I hope she did not hurt your feelings in anyway that is totally unacceptable. But you are the top of my list for podcasters. I appreciate so much there are ladies like you who give up their time to do podcasts. I have no tv and I look forward when you have new shows pop up.

    Also with the baby blanket did consider weaving one? It would have went by really fast.

    Thanks on the hits for the doll. I love to knit in the round and dread seaming as well. I love your persistence no matter what you do not enjoy working on you complete.

    Yes, you are very wise to get the stand for the loom before beginning a project. I have a 32” Ashford and did not have the stand. I called my dealer and ordered a stand ASAP. You are entering this the best way.

    Keep up the awesome job and THANKS again for all you do!